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Thank you for stopping by. I am located in Ayer, Ma. and look forward to providing you the best in Quality and Trust. If you're looking to have some Carpentry done, I can provide those services. Not sure about your new Kitchen project, I can provide consulting services for you so you can feel comfortable moving on with the project knowing that you made all the right steps with the information that was provided by Sun Carpentry. Carpentry isn’t all I do. How about those leaky windows? Kids getting bigger and you need more space for them to play, study or sleep?


Sun has been naturally warming us through the centuries while man has looked the other way. It shines on us every day and for many years we all have been looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient.
These days we all know that is very important to find ways to heat and light our homes without having to spend lots of money. With dedication, and attention to detail, we can turn your home project into something you will proud of for years to come. You will also know that we have helped you in finding the most efficient products to meet your energy and Home project needs while saving you money. To installing energy saving windows and doors to installing the SolaTubes which can provide you the natural light during the day in those places that need it.


Ice Dams cause a lot of problems inside the house. If left unchecked, water can cause Rot. Weaken support members and can also give birth to mold which is very harmful to children. Don’t let it go.



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