I have been around home construction since I was seven years old. For Forty years, I have been in the industry in one form or another. Watching the Carpenters build our garage to adding on an addition. There I was walking around asking questions and being a kid. When I got old enough I was put to work, such as, staining, insulation, get drinks and so forth. My father made all the furniture in our house (table, chairs, bookcases , etc.). So not only was I around rough framing, I also learned about Finish Carpentry and attention to detail. While in High School, I took wood shop, which I liked a lot because of the attention to detail. Around that time is when I got really interested in working with wood and in the home building industry. Once out of the house, I got small carpentry jobs, roofing jobs and laboring jobs. I got to the point where I thought I needed to start my own business proving my experience and service to people who were looking for someone to help them with their special projects.

I have concentrated on working hard, in serving my customers for Twenty years and proving them the Quality and Honesty they look for when purchasing a service. Homeowners worry about the time and money spent on their home projects. It is my upfront attention to detail when starting a project, helps the homeowner in making their decisions easier while still moving on in their personal lives. Pointing out things upfront to the client helps from future problems that may arise. Not only providing the Quality and Honesty, it’s also leaving the site clean and the way I found it when starting a project. I want people to know they are in good hands when they hire Sun Carpentry. Knowing that they are getting the best in Quality and Service.

We are in a changing world. A world that moves with a wink of an eye. To know what the future will bring us in the new building technology, to new techniques for better savings for the client. From installing skylights, energy saving light bulbs to the
SolaTubes which provides a stream of natural light. SolaTubes provide natural light in the closet while keeping you from turning on the light. How about that hallway that just doesn’t seem to be lit enough during the day and you are always turning on a light. We know this will be the future of the world and the country. No need to be left behind.

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